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About Us

We belive in simplicity. And simple is often effective. We also belive that a good solution always starts with an idea. About how we can protect valuables for you with a small business or as a part of a big organization. Do you recognize yourself? Then you are probably already our customer or supplier.

But is a safe always a safe?

We say not always! There are several differences between them.
As construction, lock function and how they are certified. But the big difference for you as customer probably is our way to solve your problem. Because we are obsessed – by problem solving. By a combination of our product knowledge and our view of service, we will create a solution that will last for many years. For you! And suddenly it has became very simple to be customer!

Håbeco Protection is a company in safe business with a very high renommè. Our thinking and way of working has been effective for many years and we have almost 70 years of experience of safes. Our knowledge is used by insurance companies and security people in trade, government and communities.

Our products are found all over Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe. We have distribution and service network all over Europe to offer you fast help if needed!

Our customers often say that they appreciate our high service level and our nice way to communicate with them. We work fast, that is important for us. Both when it comes to deliveries as service matters or information. We know that and we act after that. Our words of value are KNOWLEDGE, SERVICE, CONSIDERATON. We stick to them and as long as we do that everything works just fine with you as our customer.

Our mission

We have from our long experience learned that a satisfied customer is better than all the advertising in the world. Håbeco Protection will always walk that extra distance needed to make you feel comfortable with us and our products.
Our promisies to you:

Products that we offer will always be of highest quality and meet your expectations. You will always find a solution in the certifications you need.

You will always be met with cordiality and respect from us. You will always remember a contact with us with joy!
We will always offer you the service that you need and have the right to demand. Service is a point of honour for us.

If there should be a problem, which not happen often, we will find a solution smoothly and accommodating.
We always think of what is best for you!